Zoo Tycoon

Simulation 2001 Windows Empire Interactive Business Tycoon style Building

Create and maintain your own zoo

There are a lot of animal business simulation out there and Zoo Tycoon can be put somewhere in higher half of the list in terms of quality and fun. As expected, you are a person that is in charge of creating and maintaining a successful zoo. You have to start everything from scratch - take the piece of land and plant trees and other plant life and then slowly but gradually construct your zoo. After that you must bring the animals and find a way to attract visitors.. Once they start poring in, you must maintain your popularity and think of entertaining programs. Of course, the animals must be taken care of, fed and put into appropriate environments. Fro instance, if you have a lion, he must be put in a savannah environment - only then will it be satisfied. Other than exhibits, you must build other facilities that are directed toward your visitors - restaurants, cafes or shops and of course, these too must be maintained. While all this sounds pretty fun, it's not something already unseen. All this is implemented very well. The game is not too easy but not too hard too. The interface might need some getting used to but that's why the Tutorial mode is here. To put a cherry on top, it all looks very good and presentable. If you like sim games, especially those regarding animals, this would be a very fine choice.

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