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7 Sins (pc game)
4.5 out of 5 (4 votes)
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Adult-themed nonsense

This fairly dire adult-themed collection of mini-games is sort of like The Sims would be if it had been created by a bunch of lonely immature gamers who had never actually spoken with a real member of the opposite sex and whose world vision came from reading top shelf magazines (or at least, looking at the pictures). It's a bizarre experience which sees you interacting with numerous characters in a bid to gain their favor by performing a variety of tasks, many of which involve some supposedly titillating activities. The activities on offer range from the mundane such as food Tetris, to sheep jumping and beer drinking, but there are also some more explicit ones to take part in and which might make you blush but which are more likely to make you cringe. The overall goal seems to be to raise your money, fame and power by seducing the characters and if you get them high enough, you're rewarded with an image gallery which will probably provide you with about three seconds of entertainment. If you really are desperate for some softcore interactive entertainment and are the sort of gamer who doesn't know how the real world works, then this might be of interest to you. However, if you have any real taste or worldly experience, then you are best advised to skip it. The minigames on offer here are pretty banal stuff, being simple to the point of boredom and with only the promise of some poorly animated and designed ladies that probably won't get your juices flowing. 7 Sins really is bad and can easily be consigned to the bargain basement bin.