Singles: Flirt Up Your Life!

Adult 2004 Windows Buka Entertainment Role playing Interactive

Singles - Flirt up or fake up your life?

Singles: Flirt up your life is a game developed by Rotobee and is a life simulator, rated 18 . The critics described this game as a "rip-off" of The Sims. Well, I have to say that I mostly agree with them. The cover of the game is attractive because of the couple shown there, that emanates flirt and sexuality. I can say from this point that the storyline is quite appealing. Unfortunately it's not what I've expected to play. Before you start getting into the story, you have to choose a couple, a straight one or a gay one. While I was browsing the boys I had to choose, I was thinking about the poor attractive girls. The guys were horrible and completely unnattractive. So, most of you would rather choose a lesbian couple, for sure! Ok, let's move to the next step: Moving in. The whole game is based of the development of the relationship between the two characters chosen by you. I have to say this: Firstly, when I saw the appartment, and the multiple options for decorating, I almost forgot a bit about the mission of the game and my priority changed: the design of the home. Now let's return to the main subject based on the romance aspect between the two lovely ones. I'm a bit sarcastic, ain't I? Let me tell you why. The posibilities of developing a relationship are limited, kind of monotonous, and they lead to the most important goal: sex and seeing them naked. Yeah, those scenes are worth seeing, but you get bored very fast. But, this aspect could improve the image of this game in front of "The Sims", just because of the nudity. Leaving all the bad things related to this game, I can say it is perfect for those who are bored or feeling lonely. Well, sometimes you feel lonely, right? This time, I am really serious.

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