Lula 3D

Adult 2005 Windows CDV Interactive

A mediocre storyline, a captivating lingerie line

Lula is back! At this time, in a 3D version. The business and the management aspects in the previous game Lula: The Sexy Empire are left behind and the main character involves in an adventure. The cover of the game mentions the new concept that gets all the attention in order to be bought: The Bouncin' Boobs Technology! Yeah, this is quite an evolution, since the majority of the game producers are focused on other realistic aspects (the bouncing remains of zombies, for example), but enough with this. I wasn't really into this game, mostly because of the mediocre storyline and the dull missions. Lula is a porn film maker, and the leading task is the rescuing of her kidnapped actors. I bet Hugh Hefner abducted them, haha! Moving forward. The graphics have medium quality, even the other characters in the game have their aspect insignificantly outlined. I guess that the producers were kind of ignorant, since Lula is the only one that looks as a normal human. Or, is it discrimination? During her journey and explorations, the heroine makes little conversations with some of the people. What's with all that boring chat? I, personally, have more interesting discussions when I talk to myself, and I'm not crazy! Well, I guess I have to say this, beloved gamers: Lula's Boobs are the only ones that make this game worth trying.

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