Singles 2: Triple Trouble

Adult 2005 Windows Buka Entertainment Role playing Interactive

Say hello to the little computer people

If The Sims didn't quite get saucy enough for you, then this follow up to the original Singles might tickle your fancy. It's not exactly a classic or very original, as it pretty much copies The Sims and its own predecessor, but for a bit of light-hearted, if pointless, fun, you could do worse than look here. You take on the role of Josh, a young musician who has just moved into a new city. He's joined by two flatmates, one of whom is actually his ex who is not entirely pleased to see him, although he is over the moon as he wants her back. The main mode of the game sees you progressing through Josh's attempts to woo various eligible ladies through a series of interactions. You can also deck out your flat with a range of items, in a bid to boost your appeal, while improving your skills in areas like cooking and repairing will also make you more attractive to the opposite sex. It's also possible to play the game from the perspective of you ex, while a free mode allows to control three singles of your choice. Singles 2 is pretty much the same as its predecessor so if you have played that one, don't expect anything radically new here. Likewise if you're familiar with The Sims. Your enjoyment of the game also rather depends on your tolerance for pointless activities like cooking and flirting with computerized members of the opposite sex but if you get off on such things, then you're sure to have a good time here. The visuals are pretty decent for this kind of thing, while a sense of humor permeates the whole affair so if you fancy getting to know some little computer people, have a look here.

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