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Actraiser (pc game)
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Mash of action and strategy from the Super NES

Even though you are going to play none other than a god, this game does little to offer you the kind of power or the kind of options that would offer you enough to put up with its quirkiness. I'm saying this and I wish I didn't have to, because the game sure looks great. Especially if you loved that particular style of the 16 bit Super Nintendo Entertainment System, then you'd be hardpressed to admit that the gameplay is a bit too quirk. Now, the action and adventure/platformer portions are quite alright, but the God mode is not as enjoyable. And, because of this, the entire experience has to take a step back. Not that there is something wrong with it, there is not, but you get too many disruptions form the portions that are the best, the action ones. Fortunately, if you will, this is also a short game, and you will not get too aggravated with it. Thus, I say, play it, it is fun, the action portions are fun. However, expect to have your fun broken into small piece meal bits. No, if you want a more uninterrupted gameplay session in a similar style, download Xargon or Skunny, these are the action sidescrollers of the DOS that were both particular to the platform as well as always exciting and never bothered you with any unsuitable extras.