Eye of Horus

Action 1989 Dos Dosbox Mindscape Myth and legend Platformer

Sidescroller action and platformer, tripped by its own mechanic

Eye of Horus could have been a much neater sidescroller platformer/action/adventure, but I guess the developers weren't really enticed to try harder... So, what we end up with, is a game that is playable, alright from many points of view, but, also, a game that has a lot of issues, especially when it comes to its animations, world diversity and in my opinion, an erroneous use of a game breaking mechanic. Here's what I'm talking about. At any time your character can take the form of a bid, which allows you to fly over obstacles. Now, because this form is not mediated by some better form of restraint, and because the developers didn't care, you won't experience much of the game's traps or other environmental puzzles first hand, you'll just hover over them. As such, the game suddenly becomes too easy, and in many ways not a game anymore. Yeah, you could argue that no one makes you use this power, but then again, the level design is built around it too often; it's not like it's a cheat, many times is the only, boring, option to advance. And thus, you get a pretty unfortunate game, broken by its own mechanic. But, just to get a bit of gaming development no-nos 101, give it a go. Else, download a heavy weight trickster which also features some sidescrolling through Egyptian themed catacombs, The Lost Vikings, which, while endowing its characters with powers, never overpowers them. And that's a lesson well learned for developers out there and a joy for players to figure out!

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