Action 1992 Dos Carl Erikson Humorous Myth and legend Platformer

Childish graphics, cute but underdesigned

Simplicity can be a double edged sword, on one had allowing you to focus on the important bits of a product, in this case, the game, while on the other bringing the whole thing down due to a lack of meaningful elements. Anyway, Elfland wants to sell you on both, graphical minimalism as well as cute graphics, but unlike Super Mario, which embodies both, this one offers scarce challenge, a movement mechanic that brings nothing to the table (your elf moves too stiffly, and by the way, weren't elves supposed to be tall and swift and above all masters of elegant movement? Because in that case, this game should have been called Hobbitland!) and above all the design of the levels is derivative and decorative (because the designs pose no threat, have no tension, create no danger at all). Now, you'd say, yes, it might be easier and unchallenging, so maybe that was a feature, maybe the game was targeted towards small children. I guess you'd have a point, but come on, Super Mario 3 packs a hefty amount of challenge and can still be played by children without dumbing it all down so much. Nope, in this case it's more a matter of, as I said earlier, unimaginative design, and I maintain it. And let's face it, children love a bit o a challenge and I'm pretty sure the bugs in this game would not make them happy either. So, unfortunately it's back to poor old Mario who isn't yet ready to retire and to Jill of the Jungle for those of you who like to stick to shareware platformers.

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