Skunny - Lost in Space

Simulation 1993 Dos Dosbox Copysoft Futuristic Shooter

Moon Patrol with Skunny at the helm

Skunny sure is a rascal, but it seems humanity's need of him is not yet over! Because some malevolent Schnozes have stolen the entire list of moon set dishes, crucial for communication, Skunny must mount a land rover and attempt to retrieve and install them back. And, thus it begins! The game is set in sidescroller 2D, very nicely done, with beautiful, very detailed portions. You have to jump craters and crates, as well, shoot enemies that come in front, in the back and above you, and, while shooting, you also have to negotiate your jumps properly. It's a game that, as the original Moon Patrol isn't hard, but is fiddly and involving. Because you have to look everywhere, in your back, up, in front of you, judge how far you have to jump and also, when to initiate your jumps. And this gameplay mechanic induced behavior doesn't allow you a lot of time to breathe, and takes you in a zone of concentration that is pretty involving. So, play it, it's a different Skunny game. Otherwise download Skunny 32-Bit, if you'd like a more classic Skunny adventure.

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