Dark Ages

Action 1991 Dos Dosbox Apogee Myth and legend Platformer

A great platformer from the DOS shareware era

Dark Ages pitted you as a prince in the Great Kingdom realm, with a really tragic story. But, that is fast skipped past because the meat of the game is in the side scrolling platforming bonanza that it offers. The game suffers a bit from the kind of stiffness and jagged animations that were common for DOS platformers back in the day. However, the game can still be fun and it still packs a good adventure. Expect the classic enemies, skeletons, sword carrying fighters, but also a host of spike traps, and other obstacles which will require your full attention. At times you can also make use of magic, and this takes the form of energy bolts to other spells which are gradually more powerful. The game was released freeware with only one unlocked episode and two others that required you to pay for them. But today the game is full shareware and can be download and played in its entirely for free. For those that loved freeware platformers of the DOS era, this could be your chance to get back and experience the entire 3 episode game. The game is still fun and won't require you learn any complicated control schemes, so you can boot it up and relax while you make your way towards the evil wizard Garth.

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