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Artura (pc game)
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  • Story info
  • Start your slaying
  • I hate rats
  • Enter the doorway
  • The outside world
  • Looking for runes
  • Too tough to climb
  • What's in the barrel?
  • Nice flag
  • Can you grab the chalice?
  • Game introduction title screen - cover
  • And so my journey
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  • Courtesy of My Abandonware.
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Action platformer with a quest to save a princess!

You are Artua, son of the mighty Pendragon, and your main quest in this sidescroller action game is to save Nimue, a mage apprentice who got kidnapped. In order to get to do that you will have quite a few hurdles to overcome, mainly based on having to overcome the obstacles that are scattered all through the levels as well as all the traps and enemies that the levels present. The game is built to simulate a castle, and has that Shinobi feel about it, though less Japanese, but more European and medieval. At any rate, this is quite an enticing game, not extremely diverse gameplay wise but well polished and well produced. It could have used a little bit more polish, and, maybe a more close look at the animations, but that doesn't really ruin the feel or the enjoyment that it can offer. Surely, if you like sidescrollers where the levels are filled with enemies and traps, this one will surely rise to the challenge and offer you a good dose of that kind of fun. Try it, at least the first half of the game is pretty well done.