Puzzle 1987 Dos Mastertronic Platformer Arcade style

Challenging and enjoyable space-based puzzler

A fairly obscure little science fiction puzzler from the Mastertronic stable, Rasterscan is a bold and rather clever game that is perfect for when you're looking for a bit of brain-teasing fun. Don't be fooled by its shiny exterior though as what hides within is sure to test even hardened veterans so only step up if you feel you're capable to meet the challenge. As ever, the premise is simple enough, with players taking control of a nimble maintenance droid which must be manoeuvred around a spaceship on a collision course with a nearby star. As the droid, it's your job to fix the ship before it's too late, which largely requires the solving of logic puzzles, most of which are based around the manipulation of blocks and colours, somewhat akin to a Rubik's cube. While seemingly easy, thanks to the simple controls and uncluttered visuals, Rasterscan soon proves to be anything but, with most of the puzzles sure to keep even the canniest player bashing away for some time. Fortunately, there is a strong sense of addictiveness rather than frustration and the puzzles are designed in such a way that most players are sure to keep going until they've cracked it, an experience which is invariably satisfying. The graphics are uncomplicated and while this might sometimes seem to be a drawback, here it allows the gameplay to shine through, without distracting the player with flashy visuals. The music too is hauntingly effective, evoking a strong atmosphere of the loneliness of space, and adds well to an already strong package. For fans of puzzlers like Quadralien, Larry Loader and Chip's Challenge, this makes for a fine gaming experience.

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