Action 1988 Dos Dosbox Martech Platformer

Less-than-thrilling adventure

Another 1980s game that is perhaps best known for its controversial cover art rather than the quality of its gameplay (see also Barbarian and Game Over), Vixen is a visually striking little platformer that is entertaining enough but which lacks that little spark to make it a must-play for anyone other than completists. The typical 80s plot sees the player taking control of the titular Vixen, the last human survivor on a world now ruled by dinosaurs, and who must now use their skills of hunting and tracking (learned from foxes) to bring about an end to this unfair domination and return humans to their rightful place. What this translates into is a fairly traditional side scrolling platformer, similar to Savage, Exolon or Turrican but somewhat quieter on the action front. You must make your way through several levels which are generally variations on a jungle theme and take out the marauding dinosaurs with your trusty whip. There are a few bonus items to collect of course, including extra time and lives while tokens turn you into a fox and which allows you to explore a bonus level just brimming with secrets. That's pretty much really and if you're looking for an intense action/adventure, you might be a little let down b Vixen. While the game is visually quite interesting, if a little sparse, it does play a touch on the slow side, making it less appealing for all-out action lovers. It does require good reflexes and timing though and can be tricky at times but the problem is, that it simply isn't rewarding enough to be worth all the effort that it requires. Give it a try by all means, just don't expect a classic (make sure you check out the cover art though).

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