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Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus (pc game)
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  • Petting the horse
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Barbie's back in action!

The enduring icon that is Barbie has seen her name attached to a number of video games over the years, from Secret Agent Barbie to Barbie Beach Vacation, and for the most part, they make for pretty entertaining little romps if you fit into the target market. Magic of Pegasus is similarly enjoyable, more so if you're a seven-year old girl who loves Barbie and magic horses, so if you count yourself amongst this number, or know someone who does, then this is a royal treat. It's a simple enough game, but there's enough variety to keep youngsters entertained and throws in some pretty visuals to make a solid package. Here, Barbie is playing as Princess Annika and when an evil wizard turns her people to stone and her sister into a flying horse, it falls to Barbie/Annika to step in and save the day. Along with your chum Shiver, a polar bear, you'll have to complete a number of mini-games and puzzles as you seek out a magic wand that can return your kingdom to its state of peace and harmony. Magic of Pegasus is perhaps not suited to experienced gamers, but if you've got some noobs in the house who are keen to be introduced to the wonders of video games, then it's a fine choice. It's certainly very attractive, with lots of lush, vibrant colors and some very attractive character and environmental design work, and there's much to keep the eyes entertained. Fortunately, the gameplay is just as appealing, with a good variety of mini-games and activities to keep you playing, so although this might not keep you going forever, it makes for a fun ride.