Neighbours from Hell 2

Adventure 2006 Windows JoWood Productions Humorous Cartoon 3D action adventure Puzzle Simulator

Reality TV gone mad

The original Neighbours from Hell was a pretty delightful take on the puzzle genre which brought back memories of Spy vs Spy, if only in its twisted view of the world. This pack contains the original and the sequel, which is mostly more of the same stuff, but which remains as enjoyable as ever, so if you're on the lookout for something to keep you challenged and laughing, then take a look here. In both games, you control Woody, who is the star of a reality TV show and your main goal is to entertain the audience with a variety of cunning tricks and pranks. The first game is set in your neighbour's house while the second finds Woody on a cruise ship which gives him a whole new canvas of people to annoy, while several new characters have also joined him to help out with his pranking. You earn points for performing tricks, with bonuses racked up for chaining them together and which require you to make use of a variety of items collected around the levels in certain locations in order to trigger the stunts. It's up to you how to use them and much of the fun comes from figuring out the best way to cause your marks the maximum amount of annoyance. Both of these games earn points for originality as well as plenty for fun factor. The concept is interesting and mostly well handled, with lots of opportunities for inventiveness on the part of the player. The visuals match the less than serious nature of the game and really the only main problem here is that things get a little dull after about two hours. While they last though, these are some fun games.

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