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Blam! Machinehead (pc game)
4.22 out of 5 (9 votes)
  • Keyboard configuration
  • Much fire in front
  • Fire in the enemies
  • Looking monsters
  • Warning after mountain
  • Near the collection
  • I'm on another planet
  • Fire up
  • Warning ammo
  • Blam! Machinehead pc game
  • Game introduction title screen - cover
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The 3D graphics are too good

The game involves 3D action shooting which is supported by a really good gameplay and very attractive 3D graphics. It has a Sci-Fi plot where a DNA has gone destructive and is trying to eat up the whole world. You will be playing the role of a scientist named Kimberly who was basically working on some anti-virus but was then forced by an assistant to set off on a battle against the DNA and its creator Machinehead. In this quest you will move to various infected world by riding some futuristic hovercar. The hovercar is well armed with a variety of different weapons such as guns, missiles, grenades and flame throwers which cause their distinct size of destruction. The worlds are quite scary where you will have to face deadly animals like spiders. The task is to kill everything that moves which makes it a typical shooter game. The action happens in real time and the gameplay is very addictive. The level designs and the variety of upgrades and surprises in the game are also good. The most dominant feature of the game is its great 3D graphics which work fine and are as good as we see in Shockwave Assault.