Gunman Chronicles

Action 2000 Windows Sierra On-Line First Person Science Fiction

There's a new law in town

If you've never heard of this little shooter, don't be too surprised, as it passed most people by. It's not actually an entirely original game, and is actually a mod based on Quake, Quake II and Half-life, and for something spawned of greatness, it's also pretty decent itself. It's got a cracking storyline, some very intense action sequences and some highly creative level design, so if you enjoy a good old-school shooter, this is well worth a look. The story places you in the role of the leader of the Gunmen, the only source of law out on the wild frontier, but now that their deadly enemies, the Xenome, are returning to infest the land once more, the Gunmen are going to have to saddle up and kick some alien butt once more. What follows is a good solid bit of first person shooter mod action, which features the usual array of cool, deadly weapons and simply lets you get on with the blasting. The story doesn't in the way of things too much and this is kind of like Serious Sam in that it doesn't have pretensions to being something other than it is, which is quite refreshing in these days when everyone wants to be an artist. What's particularly impressive here is the level design, which have some very inventive environments which are highly entertaining to navigate. The weapons too are very slick and are equally fun to cause mayhem with, but the audio and visuals are a little less impressive, although given the amateur nature of the project, this can be forgiven. It's also not the longest game in the world, but for what it is, this is an interesting curio.

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