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Blitzkrieg 2 (pc game)
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  • Blitzkrieg 2 pc game
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Improved Blitzkrieg experience

Blitzkrieg 2 takes us once again back in the campaigns of World World 2 and like other strategy games, such as Ground Control, it focuses on tactics, rather than base building and resource extraction. In the game, you can control one of the six factions: Germany, Soviet Russia, UK, USA, France and Japan, which was newly introduced for the new Pacific theatre. You have to take care of your units, because there is not base building here and the only way to acquire new units is by calling in reinforcements. Unlike in other strategy games, where you can only use the strongest units to win, here you have use all of your units, because even the weakest ones may prove to be useful. Other features of Blitzkrieg 2 are the upgraded graphics engine, allowing for a full 3D game and 50 additional units. In addition you'll get a perfect soundtrack for a WW2 game. The best part is that when you're in battle, the music get more intense, making you feel that you're really sending your men into battle. If you're passionate about tactics, go ahead and download Blitzkrieg 2.