Ground Control

Strategy 2000 Windows 1C Company Real time Alternate History Science Fiction

One of the most inventive and well coded RTSes

Keep in mind that Ground Control is old. Quite very old (relatively, alright, it wasn't released in the 80s or anything, hehe!). However, that didn't keep it from shining brightly in terms of gameplay, it didn't keep it from innovating and from finally creating a 3D experience that is truly remarkable. So, you'll ask, what makes GC stand out? Well, for starters, the idea that heights offer you advantages; not that it was original or unheard of, but it is very well implemented. Move a unit on top a hill and it's range of sight will improve. Be on top and you'll have a tactical advantage on your enemy. Also, the game created an easy to control, cursive game world, well executed, code wise and graphics wise. Yeah, it's a 3D game from a period where 3D games, lot along with the amount of detail and units that this one uses, were pretty rare. Thus, it's worth a revisit not only because of its qualities of gameplay, but also because of the great way in which it was coded. Also, mad props go for unit management, getting rid of cumbersome interactions and windows, and other staples of RTS play that everyone was happy to see no longer play such a vital role to the game. So, yeah, quite a unique RTS, made even better by the later second release which streamlined the game even more and produced graphics that could easily rival those of a top down RPG, if not surpass them!

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