Close Combat 2

Strategy 1997 Windows Microsoft World Wars Real time Historical

The AI is great, the gameplay is great too; try it!

Close Combat 2 details operation Market Garden as a top down strategy, real time in the way it progresses and the way you interact with it, and, more than anything, it's a fun game, easy to interact with, advanced graphically and with well polished, easy to sink into controls. Therefore, Operation Market Garden is the kind of game that you'll just love, if you like realistic strategy games, the kind that give you a historical perspective onto a certain real world, conflict, but then, they don't want to encumber you with too much detail. Thus, Operation Market Garden is fun, it has all the elements that you want, and you get a whole bunch of extras, just to go along the core game. The sounds also do a good job of immersing you in the action, from the cool rattling of the machine guns firing automatic bursts, to the tank engine noises and everything else. So, all in all, Close Combat 2 not only does a great job of it all, but also takes the lessons of the first game further on. It's interesting, well executed, always cool to sink into and I definitely recommend it. It's a beautiful well executed series, Close Combat, all around!

A fantastic sequel

Close Combat 2 is the continuation of the massively popular tactical wargame (such as Command and Conquer) of the same name that rocked the gaming world back in 1996 and is almost worthy of its predecessor. This time, you get to recreate the battle of Operation Market Green and as last time, you can select to play as the German or Allied forces. You can choose to play just one battle, a scenario featuring man battles, of a campaign, where you get to play out the whole operation. As last time, your units have personality and you can't help but sympathize with them, they can be fatigued, of low moral, they can lack ammunition, much like in a real combat. Also as last time, the game is fantastic in detail and authenticity of the weapons and combat system from World War 2. The visuals are as stunning and detailed as they were in the last game, maybe even better and have excellent and realistic sound effects, down to the rifles firing. The game is insanely addictive and fun to play for hours on end and if you like wargames, this one is a must have in your game collection.

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