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Carnivores: Ice Age (pc game)
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Wabbit season! Mammoth season!

Carnivores: Ice Age is a first-person shooter game released in 2001 by WizardWorks, a company popular for publishing the first Doom series. This game is the third edition of the series, and at this time you won't have to kill dinosaurs. You will hunt mammoths, prehistoric deers, boars, rhinos, tigers, birds. The weapons include: rifles, pistols, shotguns, sniper rifles, and the aiming control is very easy and convenient, allowing the hunter to shoot successfully everytime. You have to pay attention to the animals you are missing, because they will come after you and will kill you. In this game there is no action, you just explore the land in finding prehistoric creatures to shoot, but this doesn't mean this game isn't entertaining and enjoyable. Earning points will lead the player to unlock animals, such as the powerful "Yeti". If he catches you, he will grab your legs and smash your body against the ground. The 3D graphics and map present a realistic snowy world with cliffs, trees, lakes, and more. If you are an experienced shooter player that tried a lot of games, in Carnivores: Ice Age you won't discover new features, only prehistoric animals (different enemies) to kill. In the hunting process you will be helped by the radar, the hearing senses to detect dangerous approaches and other tactics. Well, I liked it, nothing more to say.