Red Faction

Action 2001 Windows Graphsim Entertainment Futuristic Shooter Fpp Shooter action Sci fi

Destroy walls and buildings

Red Faction is a classic first person shooter, that brought a new concept to the FPS genre; the ability to cause environmental damage to the level that lasts during the game. This allows you to blow holes in the wall that will permanently stay that way. Destroying the walls with rocket launchers can be fun as you can blast your way to secrets, new parts of the level. The most fun you can have in multiplayer is to launch a surprise attack on your friends through the wall. There are multiplayer options and this is particularly fun to play with a friend. Very similar in my opinion to the FPS multiplayer gameplay in Unreal Tournament. The game is set on Mars and you are a miner fighting for his homeland in the guerilla army Red Faction. There was a release on Microsoft Xbox and PC. The Red Faction sequels are a little bit different, but still a very similar concept with the idea of environmental damage. This has also been used by programmers in other video games since and still continues to be used today.

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