Action 1998 Windows WizardWorks Shooter Historical

FPS with a twist

Offering an interesting spin on the FPS and hunting genres, Carnivores sends gamers to a world where dinosaurs roam wild and are just waiting to be shot in the head. There is no real plot to speak of, just some background to explain why you come to be on a distant planet hunting giant beasts (something to do with a failed colonisation attempt which opened up a unique business opportunity) but that doesn't really matter when the game is this entertaining. A variety of environments await exploration, all of which are inhabited by a good selection of dinosaurs, both carnivorous and herbivorous, which you must successfully bring down in order to advance. Offering a degree of depth unusual in FPS games, you must consider things like wind speed and direction in order to remain hidden for longer and make your kills easier. Three weapons are available, a shotgun, sniper rifle and crossbow, which all require different approaches to hunting, but it is disappointing there is not a greater selection on display. Graphically, the game remains quite impressive with imposing and realistic dinosaurs which certainly feel threatening and are nicely detailed with good animation. A satisfying level of challenge is offered, with each dinosaur requiring a different approach and while the game is atmospheric enough, there just isn't quite enough content to make this a classic. If you're a Turok fan or just looking for an FPS with a twist though, this is fun while it lasts.

Mmmmm dinosaurs

So, did you like the Jurassic Park books and movies? If you did, you're up for a great time. Released in 1998., Carnivores is just the first game in a long running series, and it's based around the same premise as the Jurassic Park –it's full of dinosaurs, and your job is to kill them all. This hunting-style first person shooter game is set on a newly discovered Earth-like planet, but it's inhabitated by dinosaurs so it's not eligible for colonization. Since humans always find new ways to make money, they made the planet into a huge hunting zone, and the dinosaurs are the prey. You can pick your weapons, territory on which you will hunt, and go on a killing spree. You start as a beginner hunter and work your way up to expert by killing all kinds of bloodthirsty, angry dinos. The amazing graphics of the game will make the experience more lively and the dinosaur and eviroment sounds will keep you on your toes even in real life, as if you were really there. Although the game doesn't have a long lasting appeal and you see al there is in the first day or two, the fun playing it will be immense while it lasts.

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