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Icewind Dale II (pc game)
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  • Icewind Dale II pc game
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  • My lost yellow ball
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Great RPG but it will get difficult

Icewind Dale II is one of those role-playing game where you need a lot of patience in order to understand its mechanics. The story of the game is centered on the Icewind Dale region on the continent of Faerun and takes place 30 years after the events of the original game. It begins in the town of Targos, which is under siege by a goblin army. Targos hires a group of mercenaries to defend and from here the game begins. The first thing that defines ID2 is the character customization. Sure, it is common for RPG games nowadays to have this feature, but back then it was a revolutionary idea. Gamers had to opportunity to create their own characters and each telling a different story. Or, at least that's how some of us saw this feature. The gameplay is donefrom an isometric perspective, offering the player a head-up display, occupying the bottom part of the screen. While the beginning of the game seems easy, the later parts get more difficult and even harder if the player hasn't mastered the use of different skills and magic spells of the character. The graphics are quite good, the cutscenes are beautiful and the sound department made a great job.