Final Fantasy: Endless Nova

RPG 2002 Windows Delita Hyral X Top down Real time Anime

Fan made, but absolutely extraordinary!

We've come to think of fan project games as these small, sometimes nice to play for a few minutes types of experience, definitely for the most loyal fans of the series. But this game here is definitely something else! Final Fantasy: Endless Nova is fresh, well produced, exact in its details, pays homage to the Final Fantasy series in minute details, back stories and even in gameplay details. This is an RPG maker game, produced on the 2000 build of that production toolset. What this means is that the game looks awesome, with clean times, a whole lot of options when it came to scripting and dynamics in the production of the game that are considerably superior to any other lesser game making bundle. Thus, Final Fantasy: Endless Nova is a thoroughly playable, fun, well executed game, and the fact that the developer had love for the Final Fantasy series games. Plus, that Japanese attention to detail and striving for perfection shows, and almost makes this game feel like some official release, and not the freeware title, to download and play at no cost that it is! But sometimes miracles happen, and Final Fantasy: Endless Nova is definitely worth looking into!

Original gameplay and concept

Final Fantasy: Endless Nova is a 2002 RPG game whose action brings the players to a solar system where a super nova is in full progress. This game comes with the same combat system as the one included in the second game of the series. There are three commands available: Battle (with four modes of attack called Weapon, Special, Guard and Use Item), Berserker, Escape. The experience points won't be taken into account in your progress, only the actions adopted in the fights. So, the following stats will be raised throughout your personal development: HP, MP, strength, vitality, magic and speed. About the magic aspect, the developers implemented a Wisdom system that will help you achieve white and black spells. I was astonished by the unique animations, by the original concepts, characters, by the profound and potential that can be found in every part of this game. You won't be bored at all, because Final Fantasy: Endless Nova is not repetitive. In every moment you will be impatient to discover new quests, secrets and places to explore. And you will have a lot to explore, because Endless Nova comes with 300 interesting maps. Also, the innovation stays in finding various uncommon objects. Be prepared to receive a lot of surprises in your way!

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