Baldur's Gate: Tales of the Sword Coast

RPG 1999 Windows Graphic Simulations Corporation Isometric Real time Medieval

Expansion pack for an already huge game!

I was wondering whether to title this review, Expansion pack for people who don't have a social life, but I argued against it though, thinking that sounded a bit too harsh! However, there's some truth in that, if you play the original Baldur with this expansion added to it, the chances that you'll grow roots in front of your PC are quite high! Well, let's see, Tales of the Sword Coast adds about 40 more hours of play; though that's an estimation that could easily double if you are really anal about quest completion. Because, in truth, unless you've played the unadulterated original first, and then went for the expanded version, you won't really know which quest is which, which is vanilla and which one is of the expansion. At any rate, the plot doesn't get screwed over by this expansion, as the main game and the new quests are all together in there. So, maybe, the right way to call this would be an addin expansion. For those that love numbers, you'll probably be happy to know that the level cap has been raised to about 1610, the interface suffered small but significant alterations, plus some other very useful little tweaks. For instance, automatic stacking of items in the inventory has been added, unidentified items are now colored in a hue or blue, for easier management, and unfortunately, for those that loved to play the game as thieves, the uber human abilities of those have been reworked, so you won't have it easier as a thief, as the case used to be. Still, a huge undertaking, so be weary, if you can't let go of a game until it's finished, this one is going to really take a toll on your life, hehe!

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