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Microsoft Space Simulator (pc game)
4.67 out of 5 (12 votes)
  • Game introduction title screen - cover
  • Microsoft presents...
  • Galactic explorer view
  • Choosing flight options
  • View of Mars planet
  • A spaceship you can use to explore the univers
  • That's a zoom on the earth
  • Uh, House we have a problem!
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Real life space sim.

Microsoft space simulator is an educational learning guide to the ins and outs of running a space station. While highly technical, the simulator focuses on trying to recreate a very realistic look at what astronauts and people working at NASA would have to deal with on board a spaceship. The technicality of the game has led to much frustration from players and overall negative reception of the game. While this may be good for the handful of people actually training to be astronauts the game mainly fails at being an all around enjoyable and entertaining game to have on the family computer. This would definately be one of Microsoft's educational games and one that they would have swept under the rug. The game uses real life scientific physics such as Newton's laws of motion to make the game more interesting. Everything else aside it was one of the first space simulators of it's era and still was just playable once you worked out what to do. I believe the game still does have it's fans as many aspiring NASA astronaught's and students still may actually find this game useful.

Too complex for its own good

Microsoft Space Simulator is one of the most complicated simulators ever released for the DOS. Developed by Charles Guy and published by Microsoft, this game turned off a lot of player due to the fact that only the people with technological knowledges had any clue what was happening in the game. There is a selection of spacecraft that you can choose from and there even some tasks in the game that you can complete. However, I can confirm that the user interface is a bit complicated and a little overambitious. Had the developers made it more simpler, maybe the game would have fared better. This is truly of those games where you constantly need to consult the instruction manual. But, once you got everything under control, the game can become fun. In conclusion, Space Simulator is a fun little game, but most people will probably will not enjoy it's too complex style of gameplay.

Shuttle simulation

Complicated interface. If you are a bit of a tech guy this is for you. It has a bit of a steep learning curve that put me off and I did not quite get the results I wanted from this space sim game. Download it and have fun landing on the moon or the fewspace stations that are in orbit.