Wing Commander 3: Heart of The Tiger

Simulation 1994 Dos Dosbox Electronic Arts Space combat Space flight Shooter Action Sci fi

Fnatastic simulation spacejet dogfight

This game can become one of your favorite simulation games because it provides you a great jaw dropping experience all the way. The set up or the plot is amazing in which at the very start you will be introduced through a cut scene to some very interesting and strange aliens who are known as Kirathi. The great thing in the game is that you will get to play big actors in the game and that is something which I want to keep a surprise. It is a dogfight involving jets but the scene is not this world as it is the outer space. By taunting or by issuing orders, you can easily conduct communication with the wingman that you control. You can also contact with characters on a ship where a click and point gameplay has been incorporated. The cut scenes that have been formulated in the game are simply amazing and really provide an enticing feel to it. In terms of the graphics, the stakes are even higher because this game features graphics which really exceed the standards of those times. Similarly the gameplay is smooth and really interactive and the music is good to the very core. The game has carried forward the legacy of Wing Commander 2 very successfully.

Have you the heart of the tiger?

I once remember playing Star Wars X-Wing when I got my very first computer. It was a lot of fun and made today the sci-fi fan of today. I wasn't familiar with any of the Wing Commander games. Just recently heard about this one in someone's review as being one of the best games the 3DO had to offer. I've downloaded the game, played it and was amazed by the jaw dropping experience it had to offer. First of all, the setup. It's amazing. In our very first cutscene we are presented to some interesting looking aliens know as the Kirathi, which I assume are the main antagonists of the game, but haven't played enough to find out. Second, you will see big name actors in the, like Mark Hamil (Luke Skywalker for those who don't know), who actually play as. And third, the gameplay, it's absolutely golden. It's like a jet dogfight, but in space. During this section of the game, you can actually communicate with your wingman, either by issuing orders to him or by just taunting him. I have never seen this aspect of a game for it's time. While on the ship, you're treated to a point-and-click gameplay mode, where you can interact with other people of the ship, which is a nice touch. But the one thing that steals the show are the amazingly well done cutscenes. If you put all these cutscenes together you may obtain a Wing Commander 3 movie. In conclusion, anyone who happens to stumble upon this game: don't hesitate and buy it! It's worth adding it to your game collection.

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