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Outlaws (pc game)
4.59 out of 5 (157 votes)
  • Introduction
  • Music by Clint Bajakian
  • You're leaving to buy stuff
  • That's an evil man
  • Indeed, evil smile...
  • Here it is the marshall, our main character
  • Something wrong is happening to your house
  • Take the gun and ready to start!
  • Typical first person view
  • Shoot him, not the cow!
  • Well done, one enemy less
  • Take those bullets
  • If you're short on bullets, use your hands
  • Ending credits
  • Game introduction title screen - cover
  • Game introduction title screen - cover
  • That will be 10 dollars, please!
  • Nice wall
  • Three against one
  • Courtesy of Arena 80.
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Perfect for western enthusiasts

Outlaws is a 1997 action game developed and published by LucasArts. The view is from a first-person perspective, and the action is set in the American Old West. You play as Marshall James Anderson, a reputed gunfighter, that goes after the man who killed his wife and stole his daughter. The story is dramatic, the design is created by hand, and the soundtrack is very good. I definitely recommend this game for the western enthusiasts. You explore different locations, outdoor and indoor areas, streets, saloons, canyons, trains, and many more, where you run around killing everything that moves. I was annoyed by the slow reload of some weapons, while I was surrounded by many villains. In fact, the whole game puts you in difficult situations, with lots of armed and skilled enemies on your track. Beside using various shotguns and pistols, some missions and situations require you to defend yourself with your fists and throwing some dynamites. Be careful when your enemies attack with shotguns because one shot can take more than half your health. The gameplay runs fast, the sound effects are clear and well-done and the general approach is unique. Every level ends with eye-catching animated cutscenes, that link the levels together and continue the storyline. I personally preferred a wider diversity, but as for the rest, I can say there is nothing you can hate about this amazing game.

Western FPS

This game was the only game, that made me feel like "I am Clint Eastwood". Despite the scenes, that were drawn in comic style, the game was so full of everything a good italo-western needs. Great Ennio Morricone style music, that did a lot to the atmosphere. It's a shame such games are not released anymore today.