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Action and shooting in VietNAM!

NAM is a well produced, not too diverse action game, set in the Vietnam of the American Vietnam war; it has enough levels to keep you playing, the built, graphically is pretty thorough, and, more than anything, it's got all the elements that you'd expect from such a simulation, at the level where you could say that it is a military first person simulator, but it's playable as if it were an action/arcade oriented shooter. The game also has a meaty multiplayer mode, consisting of 19 maps, on top of which you can play diverse games, CTF, elimination, versus, and more. The game's cool thing is also the realism of the weaponry. The developers took a good look at the arsenal that was used during the real world conflict, and, from there they tried to represent the weapons, the M16, M60, M79 and the LAW as good as they could. Sure, compared to the latest ARMA game, maybe the realism is well, a bit shoddy, but for a 98 game, when real 3D was still in it's (later!) infancy, it's definitely an aspect worth mentioning! So, if you want to visit a good retro Vietnam conflict game, this can do it. Else, download Shellshock: Nam '67, as it will give you a good level to level based tour of the late 60s Vietnam conflict and it has that Eidos mark written all over, which means ease of playing (and not a lot originality!) and an overall good shooter experience.

Viet NAM

Nam is a 1998 first person shooter game that is set in the Vietnam War and it is very similar to Duke Nukem 3D by its gameplay and almost everything else. In fact, the Vietnam settings might be the only original thing in the game. You can freely call this game "Duke Nukem in Vietnam". This is not suprising, since this game is made by the same team that made Duke, you can think of the main character of the game, Alan "The Bear" Westmoreland as his kid brother doing the same thing as big bro. In the game, you are a genetically engineered superhuman and to prove the experiment worked, you have to go through some of the most gruesome challenges from one level to the next, killing everything in your way, avoiding traps and, and that is not so easy, to stay alive. The way you do it is routine if you've already played Duke Nukem. If note, this is how you do it: you have various weapon you get on the way, and you just go around and kill, kill, kill. The graphics are virtually unchanged than those from Duke 3D, only the surrounding are different since you are in another country. Sound's also almost the same, but it doesn't matter much, because this game is all about action and killing and blood. And you'll get your fill of that, I guarantee it. If you loved Duke, you're going to love this one. If you didn't, then pass this one up. Simple as that.

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