Redneck Rampage

Action 1997 Dos Dosbox Interplay Shooter Aliens invasion Adventure Violent Rpg Gore Casual

A classic action humor game

Redneck Rampage is a hilarious first person shooter, that uses the same game engine as Duke Nukem 3D, giving the game a feel like it is another installment in the Duke series by the software producers, Interplay, with very similar gameplay for all those Duke Nukem fans out there. Your town is being invaded by aliens and it is time to grab your redneck guns, firepower, bottle of whisky and patriotic American flag as you attempt to reclaim your country from the invasion of aliens! You can shoot nearly everything moving in the game, including your neighbours, wildlife and farm animals, so if you feel like playing a game where you get to shoot chickens like you have always wanted to in The Legend of Zelda, then this game will be enjoyable for you. The game has a lot of humour and violence that would suit an adult audience, but the violence is so over the top comical like in Duke Nukem 3D teens could enjoy it as well. A game that can be played in a few hours, however will always entertain your friends. The soundtrack music is all hillbilly redneck related songs, but can actually be quite funny and enjoyable once you get used to the music that has a lot of hilarious lyrics. An overall enjoyable game, that spawned a cult following and sequels such as Redneck Rampage: Suckin' Grits on Route 66 that are also worth checking out for the extra levels.

3D shooter games

Bloody fun game with a true Red Neck feel to it! Any 3D shooter would love this one. Just would be good to get a full download that works on XP as you cant buy it anymore. Sad yet understandable that it was banned in a few places because of the slang and not so PC ways, But times must change 'Red Neck' must live again. One game worth bringing back!

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