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The Creed (pc game)
5 out of 5 (4 votes)
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I Loved the action, full on!

It is a cyberpunk action game where the action is supported by some very good and diverse adventure in the form of missions that you will be doing. The game is what you call real action where the action dynamics have been implemented well enough except for a few bugs. No need to go in the plot because it is the gameplay which is great in this game. You have around 270 missions where you have to make your way killing and hammering enemies and solving some obstacles which have their unique nature at every level or mission that you come across. The game is very diverse in terms of the variety that it gives because every missions has different dynamics and enemies and you will find a wide range of weapons to support your chaos which you need to bring about on the enemies. The game gives a mission editor so that you can add a bit of yourself to the idea. In terms of the graphics they are good but dark. The gameplay is really smooth and lag free and so are the swift and well synced controls. The user interface is average but still I would rate this game high in my list. Redline is the other game which you can go with after having played this classic.