Action 1991 Dos Dosbox Peninsula Gameworks Science Fiction Futuristic 3D action adventure

Shooter/racer in a randomly generate setting

Spectre allows you to create your own game world, by choosing how many enemies to battle against from the get go. There are a few other personalization options available, but none of them offer you sufficient tools to create a setting that is too personal. Once you jump into the first person perspective seen battleground, you can race around looking for the enemies and hopefully manage to avoid being shot down. The game's physics are quite crude, and the eternal night line of the sky will make it even less interesting to spend more than a few minutes with this one. As an 1991 experiment type game, I guess it's ok, but it certainly doesn't offer enough options to make the game worth returning to. It's understandable that the graphics are so simple and so crude, but there could have been more diverse scenarios and more diverse challenges. As it is, the game has a psychedelic feel for it, but it is soon washed off with the crude representation that it offers. You're not losing a lot by not giving this one a go.

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