Action 1998 Windows Acclaim Shooter Science Fiction Futuristic

3D ship exploration and shooter; fun!

Forsaken is a game that puts you into the shoes of a postapocalyptic pilot, in a world where what remains of the Earth are just a few scattered remains and a whole lot of tunnels. You control this ship which has to complete a whole lot of missions in order to keep what remains of Earth habitable. And, what you'll end up doing most often is doing battle with the remaining ships and finding your way inside the caverns that the game is mostly comprised of. It's a 3D game that shows its age, and compared to Descent it's definitely not as polished or as immediate. Orientation is really an issue; for the first few missions you'll just end up bumping in the walls, being killed without even knowing where the fire is coming from, and furthermore, you will feel lost. If you manage to go past this initial portion of the game, you will find that Forsaken gets easier, and can be fun. But it never rises at the levels that descent did. Still, it[‘s fun enough, and for retro lovers it sure is a game worth looking into. However, if you're a pretentious gamer, rather go directly for Descent 2, which ups the ante graphically and missions wise a lot more.

FPS 101

Forsaken is one of better FPS games out there. Basically a Descent clone, it takes a lot of its gameplay, but has enough characteristics that make it original and independent, too. The plot revolves around a weak post-apocalyptic Earth, which became a free-for-all planet for mercenaries to go and grab and take whatever they like while the planet's government has fled after giving up on it. You are one of those mercenaries and you have to battle other greed-filled people as well as robots sentinels that are left by the government. Basically, this is a standard FPS game. There is nothing special that stands out from other FPS games, with you investigating the surroundings and killing everything in sight. But still, it is very well made, with fantastic visuals and great gameplay. The game is very dynamic and fast, and, in minutes, you'll feel your adrenaline shooting. The surroundings are beautifully designed but still lacking from today's games, the camera well placed and the controls are easy and responsive. The music is also very fast and upbeat and perfect for the game. The game is no Unreal Tournament, but is still a exciting and visually stunning FPS game that is great for first-timers in this kind of game. Definitely recommended.

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