?Quien es Cualo?

Strategy 1994 Dos BASS Software Board games

Guess the character game!

Quien es Cualo? is a puzzler game, based on guessing a character from the ones that are displayed on screen at any time. The PC will offer a number of indications to point at him. So, you will get hints as to his/her hair color, age, sex and so on. The idea is that the fewer indications you need, the better the chances are that you will find him out. So, the idea is to pay attention to the board, to each card, and try to memorize their characteristics. Also, the game can change from you being the one that guesses, to you giving hints to the PC. Both instances are great. But the game truly shines at parties, when you play in local multiplayer mode. So, have it in your fun game collection. It's in Spanish, it's by no means a very good looking game, but it's got all the elements needed to be immediately playable and fun. It could have had some pictures that had a few more pixels, but even as it is, not too polished, without a lot of detail, it still looks alright. A good alternative can be Second Guess somewhat a similar puzzler, with guesses at the core of the gameplay.

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