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Scrabble for experts and English language aficionados!

Maven is an expert Scrabble game, with a smart AI, with a very extensive dictionary, and also a presentation that is definitely clean and classy, more set towards an application look than a game. So, if you are an advanced Scrabble player and know your way with words and with getting any letters to coagulate into words, then Maven is it! Also, what you'll truly love about this game is the fact that it has so many different ways in which the AI will play. You can set the level of difficulty, and you can manipulate the game in many ways to make it work. On the later difficulty settings, the Ai is an absolute killer, with access to all sort of jargon dictionaries and with very accurate and smart ways of taking advantage of your word placement! If you beat this AI setting, then you're really ready for a true scrabble competition with expert players. A game such as PC Scrabble can keep you busy too, and it looks more like a game, but when you want a brain teasing experience, Maven takes all the cakes!

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