Chess Maniac 5 Billion and One

Strategy 1993 Dos Dosbox Microprose Board games

Classic chess but with weird sets of pieces

What puts Chess Maniac 5 Billion and One apart from the large roaster of chess games is the animations that are as weird as they get. Because the chess pieces are actually animated by digitizing real life actors. This alone is enough to give you pause, because the way the pawns and all the other pieces are dressed looks like they're lifted directly from who knows what weird B movie. So, at any rate, it's one of those hit and miss things. If you can appreciate kitsch for what it is, and don't expect nothing else, this game here sure has it all. It will remind you of the Married with Children TV series, if you've ever seen that, and it will remind you of the type of edgy look that were considered palatable in the 90s! Well, I guess times change soon. So yeah, if you just want a chess game better go for Fritz 2.00, for instance, cause this one game here can he a bit too much for most of us. Oh, and graphically, well it's like some sort of MK game, in the way the animations are captured and then split into digitized dual dimensional pictures. Again, the 90s could be quite hit or miss!

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