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Chess on a well realized engine

Socrates is not a looker in the world of simulated chess, however, it has the advantage of being very playable, and also built on a very popular engine – the very same that was under the hood of Kasparov's Gambit. And so, with it you get a really hard AI to play against the computer. Sure enough, Socrates offers you the very cool and interesting engine with just a few 2D boards, so as I said, this is not some looker, or some game that is going to take your eyes away. However, the AI is not only smart, but it can play really cool, mischievous tricks on you, as it can lead you to believe it is playing one type of strategy when in fact it is just trying to ruse you! Really well done. Another game where the AI can be said to be on par with this one is for sure, one of the later Chessmaster series, though certainly, this later series had more graphical oomph, and that was so mainly because it was built around ideas such as optimized play, with 3D boards and other such modern graphical improvements. But, otherwise, Socrates plays well, even if it is less impressive graphically.

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