Fritz 2.00

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Chess upgraded!

In the world of Chess games there's Chessmaster and this game series here, Fritz. This second game in the series is a great one, well balanced, with a lot more appeal for starting players, for novices. This is so because the game now includes a very comprehensive array of learning tools, tutorials and chess games to learn from, some of them even explained. Overall, Fritz 2.00 is a great improvement in terms of AI too. I'm not a great player, so the best of the opponents will undoubtedly mate me, but, what has changed is the way the mid players play. They have personalities, they are rather prone to specific mistakes rather than just play better with a random chance of doing a mistake. This way of having the game balanced is great for the great majority of players, that know the basics but aren't yet masters of the game. Graphically, it's still a bidimensional game, with little in terms of glitter and unnecessary elements, but also, the graphics don't get in the way and are well chosen, for sure. So, try it, if you like Chess and retro simulations of chess.

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