007 A View To A Kill

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Goldfinger inspired text adventure

21. 007 A View To A Kill Goldfinger inspired text adventure007 A View To A Kill takes its main plot cues from Goldfinger, the movie, but it is not trying to copy that movie step by step. Instead it creates this alternative set of plot elements, which, in truth create an alright script. However, this is an adventure game, text based, and a lot more would have been needed to create a product that you actually would want to use and play. Nope, 007 A View To A Kill is barely a game worth looking into from start to finish, it is a bit on the disappointing side, in terms of the puzzles it puts forth, and in terms of the elements that it plays with. At any rate, 007 A View To A Kill is not the most primitive game you can think of either, it has some cool interactive portions (especially the ones where you get to use your gadgets!) but these are far in between and also are kind of half a cherry on an otherwise rather unappetizing cake of storytelling and very basic mechanics. Play it if you love (really love!) text adventure and Bond, but don't expect a lot. A better game would actually be Goldfinger, a better adaptation of the movie, and a more immersive adventure game.

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