The Alpine Encounter

Adventure 1985 Dos Dosbox Mystery House Graphical IF Puzzle based

Find a missing vase of great value in a mountain resort

The Alpine Encounter is an adventure game, with the action taking place during the winter in a mountain resort. The problem that you, a private investigator has to resolve, is that a very old and valuable vase has been stolen, and it is known that the particular vase in kept inside the hotel reserve. You also have to act fast, as you only have 12 hours (in-game) to find the vase, which actually trickles down quite fast even in real time, so you don't have time to search every little place in the resort; this is the cool part of the game – you have to act smart, and corroborate the info that you get in order to find, faster and easier, where this vase is; thus, you are free to explore, but you need to use your time wisely. It's thus quite a freeform adventure (within limits) and it is very important that you take proactive measures and know where to go and what activity to partake, at times having to decide what lead to follow first. Graphically it's not too well looking, DOS like additional static screens with lots of text. Additionally download Sherlock Holmes and Curse of the Mummy if you want a more modern adventure game, with some serious 3D graphics.

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