221B Baker Street

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Clue! like and more interesting for multiplayer than I thought!

221B Baker Street is based on the same principles detailed in the olde tabletop Clue! a game that had you and a group of friend find whom of you was the murderer. An absolutely phenomenal multiplayer game for those that really love to make enemies of their friends, let me tell you! Well, this digital creation is as well a top down game, styled like an 8bit top down NES RPG, but the gameplay is still marked by the same ideas behind Clue!, which means that you will get a lot of police like puzzles. And, a cool addition, being a policeman, you can go about doing your job in a number of different ways, at times above the law, or in some other instances, using police techniques. What does that mean? Well, you can go inside any house in the game, (with or without a warrant!) and you can also seal off a home you've already investigated. But the deduction game a la Sherlock Holmes is what makes this interesting, in spite of, after all, it's graphical and mechanical inconsistencies. But if you can work yourself into not paying too much attention to them, you'll find that 221B Baker Street plays very, very well.

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