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Text based in which you are a savior of the last dragon on Earth

If, for instance, you interpret The Hobbit as a game (and novel) about killing the last dragon of Middle Earth, than, by that token, Dragonworld is a game about exactly the inverse endeavor: saving the last of the dragons from extinction! In terms of gameplay you will approach Dragonworld just as you would the seminal The Hobbit, text based, aided by a lot of beautiful (this time around!) static pictures. Also, similar to The Hobbit, the parser, the interpreter that turns your phrases into in game action, is quite well adapted to natural language, granted, as long as you're brief and Spartan in your commands. The game has your usual puzzles, which ask you to take notice of objects, pick them up and use them at the opportune moment. Indeed, there will be some of that text based type of grinding (trying to guess what verb to use!) but it's palatable and much better than even with more well known, say, Infocom text adventures. Overall, an enjoyable, well paced text based aventure in an interesting fantasy setting, which is sure to satisfy anyone that loves adventures and, particularly, text based ones. Also, the writing is particularly good, which puts Dragonworld up there with some of the fantasy classics of the genre. Play it!

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