Police Quest 2

Adventure 1988 Dos Dosbox Sierra Graphical IF Crime investigation

Police investigator in adventure/puzzler form!

This second title still wants you to be a true policemen, which combines the work of an investigator, a fast response actual policeman, a well rounded logician and inferring machine and much, much more! Yap, it's not all about donuts out there, it's also about analyzing risk and taking the right kind of actions whenever they are required. Graphically and mechanically, this is an oldschool adventure game, which means that you'll have to scour every corner of the screen, at times, looking for bits and pieces, you'll have to engage in conversations and learn the right answers and, furthermore, you need to consider a few other decisive factors about the quests and missions you are given to solve. The game, even in its oldschool way, manages to pull you in! Sure, it's not an action game in the acception of the 21st century line of games, but it has its split second moments, even if rendered clumsily, at times. I'd say Police Quest 2 (and, to be frank, most of the entire series, really) hasn't really aged that well. It's just that it was designed with bits of scenarios that were made by different developers/artists, and, so, the game is a bit weird at times, it kind of looks bad. But, I think it also gets a lot right in the way it makes puzzles of regular police work, and for that alone it merits a playthrough, given that you can forgive its age and, well, inconsistencies.

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