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Old-school dungeon crawling

The rogue-like, as epitomised by the likes of Rogue, Hack and NetHack, must surely be one of the purest expressions of videogaming brutality, and which marry seeming simplicity with vicious intent to create enthralling adventures that are beautiful in their genius. As you might expect from a game with the title of 10Rogue, this is another such game which, although it doesn't bring much that is new to the table, is another entertaining romp for those in tune with its peculiarities. for those unacquainted with such games, the general idea is to wander around randomly generated dungeons that are populated with monsters and traps and which are usually represented merely as characters or text. Of course, you need to explore, find treasure, slay whatever comes your way and generally survive until you find the exit and continue ad infinitum. As a genre, rogue-likes are largely known for their difficulty and in this way, as in so many others, 10Rogue doesn't stray too far from the established path. It doesn't really do anything different from any other examples of the genre, so if you are looking for something new, then this is perhaps not the ideal game for you. However, if you just can't get enough of crude graphics, minimal sound and endless dungeon crawling with a ridiculously high difficulty level, where even the slightest mistake will send you crashing back to nothing, then this is going to be a blast. If you've never played such a game, then this is as good a place to start as any, as in terms of rogue-likes, it's a pretty fair example.

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