Adventure 1984 Dos Dosbox IBM Text based

A nice text only RPG adventure

It is a revolutionary and text-only adventure game in the RPG game genre which features many interesting concepts. You homeland has been destroyed by an evil Sorcerer named Zyll and you have been sent to a far off land for recovering black orb and treasures from the sorcerer. This all text game features three character classes for you to choose from and two people can play it at a single time. Wizard, thief and warrior are the three characters from which you need to choose from and the game play is truly in real time. With only a single key stroke, you can drive the game play where there are different monsters and objects which have been placed differently at every stage. You will have to go through a lot of text which is mostly fantasy writing and you have the replay option as well. It may not be a classic RPG game but is a good fantasy adventure which caters your interest and liking with its fantasy world. So it's well worth a shot and if not, then try Sorcerer for a great RPG adventure.

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