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Highly addictive racer with loads of dirt tracks

1nsane paved the way for high destruction games alike Flatout, but what it managed best was to suggest the degree of mayhem and destruction possible during an unorthodox off road race. It managed it because it offered you free reign in regard to how you could tackle each circuit, of course, with gates that you had to reach, but otherwise, you were free to choose your own trajectory. The game featured a great engine in terms of the damage vehicles could inflict on the scenery and on themselves, and that affected the capability of each vehicle as well as the track. So, if you want a cusp of modernity racer with loads of tracks to choose from, with nice graphics and the ability to smash your vehicle visibly, to smithereens, this sure is the game to do it. Great both for prolonged sessions as well as a one race off, from time to time, you will get addicted to this one even harder than current generation racing games. I recommend it wholeheartedly, for its maniacal races as well as the feeling of speed and destruction that it can create.

It's really Insane!

If you've ever watched anything to do with off road, this games pretty much puts you in the driver's seat. Many years later and I still play it because it still blows most offroading games away. Its 3D terrain with different countries and landscapes is just awesome. The realism such as cars rolling over, getting dirty and damaged with parts breaking off is unlike any other game experience you'll have. Unlike most games where you're restricted to only a boring lap race you have more options here such as capture the flag and destruction zone to name a couple. No more driving around in circles around the same scenery either, just make your own way and follow your own rules! A great selections of off-road cars, jeeps, S.U.V.s and trucks are available.

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