Jeep 4x4 Adventure

Racing 2004 Windows WildTangent Rally Off road Driving

Where's the fun?

Anyone who's looking for a bit of a change of pace from the usual racing games like Outrun or Need For Speed might be tempted to look at this little offroader. However, unless you're a fan of dire games, then to even glance in this one's direction would be a mistake as it is a singularly unimpressive title that is best avoided. It lacks pretty much everything you want in a racing game and should thus be consigned to history where it belongs. For the most part, this is a very standard driving title, with no narrative to play through and which instead throws you behind the wheel of various Jeep branded vehicles and sets you off on some intense racing. You've got the likes of the Wrangler, Liberty and Grand Cherokee to try out here, while the courses take you through environments including deserts, cities and jungles, each of which brings its own hazards. If you can pull off various tricks during the races, you can earn credits, which are then used to upgrade your ride and hopefully make your life a bit easier. So far, this is all very familiar stuff, exactly what you'd expect from a driving game and truth be told, this could have been an okay experience. However, the fatal flaw here is the crucial lack of speed, which although you wouldn't expect this to be as fast as more intense games, is still cripplingly slow. When you throw in the dodgy handling and less than impressive visuals, you're left with a racer that is simply tedious and unexciting, which isn't helped by the dull track design. All in all, a game which is easily skipped.

Jeep 4x4 Adventure Review

Jeep 4x4 Adventure was a game released to promote their new vehicles along with a Chrysler and a Dodge version. The game consists of three cars and three tracks. The game is fun if you are bored but there are some downsides. The game is produced by WildTangent which installs a virus, when you hit the back of a car you lose all power and the graphics are not that impressive at all. Anyways, a good thing is that you can upgrade your car to make it perform better and I have to admit a fully upgraded Wrangler can get some pretty serious air on Island Metro. Anyways, overall i think the game is pretty fun and it is recommended if you are bored.

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