Screamer 4x4

Racing 2000 Windows Mastertronic Rally Off road Driving Simulation

Let's ride!

Screamer, Screamer 2 and Screamer Rally are pretty cool old-school driving games which provide plenty of high octane thrills and spills. This is the last entry in the franchise and is perhaps not quite so enjoyable as the earlier games, possibly thanks to its subject matter, but it remains a fun diversion. There's nothing much here that hasn't been seen before, and the player is simply given the choice of several racing modes and a bunch of different off-road vehicles and then charged with driving them till the wheels fall off. You have all the usual modes on offer here, including championship and time trial, as well as freed driving and even a multi-player option which is somewhat akin to Carmageddon. The main appeal here is of course the off-road vehicles and course themselves, and there's a good lineup here, including Land Rovers and the enormous RABA H18. The courses themselves are quite varied and provide some nicely different challenges with their varying terrain types, while the computer opponents put up a pretty good fight. As far as simple and straightforward racers go, this is fun stuff. It's not going to set the world on fire, but with its range of courses, options and cars, there's enough to keep you happily diverted for an afternoon. The sense of out and out speed isn't as great as other games, but that's down to the subject matter, so if you're looking for adrenaline, consider Sega Rally instead. However, the solid graphics and fun courses should keep you happy if you like your 4x4s.

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