Spider-Man Cartoon Maker

Puzzle 1995 Windows Knowledge Adventure Education Cartoon

Be a cartoonist with Spidey locales and animation tools

Here's the deal with this software bundle: you get a lot of Spiderman inspired backgrounds, preprogrammed animations and other assets and you're free to create your own cartoons from there. The suite is unfortunately, interaction and productivity wise, pretty sparse and pretty simple, and thus, in order to really produce something palatable you need to really go out of your way to create something that sticks and works. But, if you're not concerned with quality you can just as well mess about with the game and see what can be achieved in it. Yeah, it's I'd say, a bundle for Spiderman fans, especially of the early 90s animated series, but it's just too hard to use. Nope, what this is, is just another bundle that you'll end up using in ways that are by no means meant to create well put together cartoons, but rather just animate abominations! On the other hand, I dunno, maybe some serious users will find it in them to actually use the tools properly, but, then again, I don't think a proper animation fan would like to sink time and effort into this one, they'll probably be more into some other bundle. So, yeah, rather go for AGS or some other bundle that also allows you to do some animations, Spiderman or not. This thing is not suited for no serious purposes!

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